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 After-service Series

After-service Series


  Linpin shares - distribution point in mainland China, we are always on your side!

  We offer a meet and exceed customer expectations of high quality products and services, customer satisfaction.

  Our commitment to customers to understand the needs of customers from the beginning to the efficient operation of all aspects of on-time delivery.

  Our efforts to improve and innovate so that the quality management system more efficient operation.

  Our employees work together, committed to building close customer relationships.

  Pre-sale services

  Provide timely, sound technical and business consulting;

  Free of charge to the customer site to carry out inspections on customer requirements for professional design;

  Sale of services

  Provide complete technical data (using the maintenance manual, the relevant national standards, etc.);

  Professional engineers door for equipment, free installation, and training of two or more people learn to use.


  Regular visits, listen to customer suggestions, build customer service files;

  Offers free lifetime technical support and the use of guidance services, you can simply call our service phone 021-60509999 13585883852, or difficult-mail sent to my company's,Relevant departments of the company will be the fastest speed and contact you;

  Our commitment to the customer's phone, we respond within one hour, you need to send technical staff to the scene to solve, our commitment to personnel sent within 24 hours (such as statutory holidays and other special circumstances, except);

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