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Company Profile


Located in Min hang Economic & Technological Development Zone,the base of Science & Technology Industrial area of Shanghai, China. Shanghai Linpin Instruments Co., Ltd. is a new & hi-tech shareholding enterprise that integrates environmental test facility's R&D, production and marketing. Through many years' market competitions and striving efforts, Linpin company has developed as one of the leading enterprises in the field of environmental test facility now.

  Relying on comprehensive talents and science & technology resources of renowned colleges, Linpin Instruments has established strategic cooperative partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, whose Cryogenics and Test Center possess the world's leading and domestic first-class inspection techniques, cryogenics inspection equipment and instruments. In terms of cryogenic material's physical characteristics and cryogenic adiabatic technology, it owns the most advanced techniques, calculation software and research methods in China. This initiates Linpin Instruments' leading position in high-end environmental test facility technology. This initiates Linpin Instruments' leading position in high-end environmental test facility technology, and opens a new chapter for the all-round cooperation of both sides in terms of personnel training, hi-tech R&D and transformation of scientific achievements etc.

Workshop Sheet metal workshop Testing workshop

  As an enterprise responsible for society, environment and safety, the company has initially built ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupation & Health Safety Management System in their industries. Besides, it adheres to the operation principle of "quality-based survival and quality-based development, moderate price and considerate service", comprehensively implements the sunny service concept of "considering customer-related matters and handling customer-related issues", sets up various branches or offices in the key central cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Xiamen etc., and prevails all over the country based on Shanghai.

  Focusing on brand awareness and management, the company wins the market by relying on the brand of "Linpin" with outstanding achievements. It owns the largest exhibition hall of model machine, first-class manufacturing equipment, testing technologies, advanced anti-static coating workshop and various equipments such as multiple-step numerical control press, bending machine, plate shearing machine and turning lathe etc., which ensures the environmental test facilities to be produced with exquisite technologies and stable performance. Besides, they possess the patent for the invention of various product technologies and software copyrights. Countless customers have come to the company for investigations and signed orders with the company. Its comprehensive strength and profitability was ranked the forefront of the industry.

  The brilliant glory belongs to history while the prosperous future belongs to developers. By adhering to the brand development strategies and maintaining the company's core competition, Linpin people will continue to wholeheartedly serve vast customers based on "first-class technologies, products and services". Linpin instruments will occupy a leading place in the pantheon of instruments all over the world, pursues constant innovations, maintains continuous progress, and shares the glory of cloning technological environment.

  Our main products:Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber/High and low Temperature Test Chamber/Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber /High Temperature Test Chamber / low Temperature Test Chamber / High and low Temperature & Damp Heat Test Chamber / Precise Drying Chamber / Vacuum Drying Chamber / Temperature Shock Test Chamber / Drug Stability Test Chamber / Ozone Aging Test Chamber / UV-Lamp Weathering Test Chamber / Xenon-lamp Weathering Test Chamber / Air ventilation Aging Test Chamber / Sand and Dust Test Chamber / Rain Spray Test Chamber / Pipe Rain Test Device / Dripping Water Test Device / Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber / Mold Test Chamber / Rustproof Grease Humidity Test Chamber / Salt Spray Laboratory / Large Walk-in Laboratory / Temperature Aging Laboratory / Temperature/Humidity & Vibration Test Chamber / Fast Temperature Change Test Chamber / Single-wing Drop Test Machine / Vibration Test Stand /. At the same time,we can make the non-standard products as customer's request.Welcome to our company for negotiation and guidance.

  We are recruiting agents everywhere. If interested, please call us on our national free line: 40000 662 888

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