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 Company Culture

Company Culture


 Linpin content: quality certification brilliant, service embodies integrity "economic developmentcomes from technological innovation, how the research results into practical productive forces is the main subject of research. Research services in production, the production of R & D feedback information tocomplement and mutually reinforcing. development and consolidation of our core technologies.

- Product technology, the core competitiveness

Linpin concept: what customers think, urgent customer needs, your satisfaction is our greatestwish "to develop, implement strict business policy, the annual sales of the elite recognition and incentives to promote sales continue to improve, progress, creating a first-class sales team.

- To create a first-class sales team

Linpin service: quality of survival, product development, fair prices, good service "to" Listening · Plan"as a guide to action, rapid response, immediate action. Emphasis on listening to the user's voice, and enhance communication between customers. Regular telephone visits and annual home visits a year bycreating value for customers, to meet customer needs, achieve mutual growth with customers Linpin idealstate.

- Listen to the user's voice, at the same time with customers

Linpin style: Lin Frequency Instrument shares with major universities, famous enterprises, the mainlanddealers work together to create a brilliant future together.

- Create the future together, hand in brilliant cast

Culture is the projection of history, corporate culture is an enterprise production and management in the long term advocacy, accumulation, after screening refined into, is the soul and potential productivity, buildthe core competitiveness of strategic initiatives. Linpin plant opened since ten years of production experience with the ups and downs in the course of history shine .....
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