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 General Manager's Speech

General Manager's Speech


  Welcome to Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co.,! Thank you for your attention to my company!

  2008, event, wedding, difficult intertwined, we have experienced many Dabeitaixi, passion and emotion.08 many years, we have firmly blending with the whole society to jointly fight snow, earthquake relief, donation, donations, repairs, ambulance ...... we strive to offer a great love of a catastrophic disaster; 2008, we and the whole society firmly blending celebrate Olympics, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, pass the torch, Paul communication, thinking development, and explore the future, send blessings ......we whole-heartedly, sincerely poly truth, thanks to Thanksgiving, then moved;
     As Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co., Ltd. general manager, I would first thank the years has always been the concern and support Linpin new and old customers and the community leaders of all walks of life, with your encouragement, we Linpin always is an industry leader, scratch until today,specializing in the production and sale of environmental test equipment, our company has a solidmechanical manufacturing capabilities and advanced technology, with first-class manufacturing and testing equipment, it makes many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and universities favorLinpin, enterprises will always be an integral part of society, we all forest frequency by virtue of theirindomitable spirit of enterprise, the forest frequency with brilliant today; in the future, we will create a worldbrand, build first-class enterprise as the goal, that customers create wealth for employees to realize the value for the purpose, to make Linpin depth international market in the environmental test equipmentindustry is unique!
     Development is not smooth, innovation is endless. Past, we work together with a high level of qualityequipment, has won a preliminary victory.; Based in 2009, the enterprise has been the development of new horn sounded, in the face of the new situation, we will be full improved, seize their own future, as more partners to provide better service and a higher level of environmental laboratory equipment for the customer, for the enterprise, in order to create greater value!
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