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  As we all know, it takes a long time to cultivate talents. Ambitious, easy to have, but a talent is hard to find. Shanghai Linpin Group Co., Ltd is convinced that, If people could play well in their own role, all of the challenges our company is facing will be overcome.Talent is our most precious wealth, since Linpin establish, to explore various aspects of talent, give the chance to the people who want to do a good job, give the stage to who can do a good job, give the position for the people who did a good job. Till now, the most value of Linpin Group is not how many assets they own, but the backbone of the company grow up together with the company, they are definitely indispensable God's favored one for Linpin. These talents, though there are specializing in different field, the most important is that they have some of the same properties, which is concept of choosing and employing people in Linpin Group.

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