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 Personnel Training

Personnel Training


  Training new employees into: Enhancing mutual understanding between the couple and communication, teamwork, help newcomers understand the corporate culture, so that newcomers identify business goals, establish a sense of belonging, a clear direction, and tap the potential and foster new positive attitude and good psychological quality

  - Run-up new members into the family

  Engineer Skills Training: For a more in-depth understanding of the product and technology research and development on high-end products, the Division I organize a monthly technician skills assessment, and enhance the learning of the product and want to study, in order to achieve high standards of quality industrial equipment, so that product quality in the forest frequency counterparts in the leading position, spent the introduction of foreign high-end equipment for production learning to zero defect production of each good idea to shut

  - Quality certification brilliant, service embodies integrity

  Sales Incentive Training: Full training sales staff overall quality. Learn to face the needs of different customers react correctly found that a specific part of your target market, find the unique selling proposition to create advantages marketing value chain, beyond the competition, improve team concept, to create extraordinary sales.

  - Facing customers do in advance

  Customer Relationship cohesion Training: in shopping malls such as the battlefield of today, to improve internal productivity alone is no longer enough, you need to let your customers know more about you both can really melt your team. Establish deeper between businesses and their customers emotional communication, penetration in the curriculum of trust, communication, cooperation, empathy and other concepts

  - Put customers into your team a

  Team Concept Training: team cohesion is to maintain the existence of the necessary conditions for the team, Lin frequency coordination team leadership attaches great importance to the company, recognizing the potential, enhance self-confidence, overcome psychological inertia, and promote members resonate. Enhance mutual trust team members to improve team members cooperation, awareness and ability to use their own hands and wisdom for tomorrow Linpin own contribution to a force.

  - Lin frequency is my home, we rely on the development of

  People are the only "dynamic" resources, only by establishing a common vision to be able to make a clear team members know their roles and tasks, through mutual trust and cooperation, resulting in 1 +1> 2 effect. Trained aggressive life attitude and team spirit of mutual cooperation, is a modern and modern enterprise to win power. but also forest frequency target!

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