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Trust from World Top 500 Companies


       As one of the leading global turn-key environmental test chamber systems provider, Linpin Instrument is widely recognized for her premium production techniques, strict material sourcing requirements and heart-warming after-sales services. Linpin Instrument’s goodwill is spread via word of mouths and Linpin’s brand is formed by golden quality. Linpin Instrument is now first class supplier of many well-known international companies. Some of our existing  World Top 500  company clients are listed here:

  Nestle (China) Co., Ltd.

  Shenzhen HUAWEI Investment & Holding Ltd.

  Schneider Electronics (China) Investment Ltd.

  Sharp Trading (China) Ltd.

  ABB (China) Co., Ltd.

  Dow Chemical (China) Investment Ltd.

  Siemens (China) Ltd.

  Lenovo Group

  China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

  Baosteel Group

  Dongfeng Motor Group

  China FAW Group Corporation

  Toyota Motor (China) Investment Ltd.

  General Motor (China) Ltd.

  Hitachi (China) Ltd.

  Panasonic Electronics (China) Ltd.