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Innovation is a key of breaking through bottleneck to test c

In twenty-first Century, the pace of development of various industries have made great breakthrough, but due to high and low temperature test chamber as environmental test equipment industry in the development of one of the best equipment, so in twenty-first Century the equipment is industrial economy outbreak, more and more products are moved into the laboratory.
Along with the development of electric power, communications, aviation, coal mine, quality inspection, scientific research, universities and other areas gradually increased demand for testing equipment, high low temperature test box from both the number and quality to meet the requirements of each field, and promote the development of ring type industry and machinery industry.
In view of this phenomenon, the professionals to do the following analysis of the environmental test equipment industry: on the one hand, everyone on the change in demand.On the other hand, low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and green development has become China policy, a rapid development of new property.
Although China is still a developing country, but its science and technology and the national economy are increasing year by year, which makes for the development of various industries are increasingly high requirements and increasingly sophisticated, this requires high technology, high performance and high quality of the low pressure testing machine.
Although the development speed of high low temperature test box is a great breakthrough in the domestic, but still not comparable with that of developed countries and equipment, is still in low-end equipment, but even so, the equipment manufacturers still have a certain scale of production, can be self-sufficient and have higher market competitiveness, but whether it is high-end products the production technology and production scale has a larger gap with foreign enterprises, foreign enterprises with advanced technology monopoly of China's high-end product market, the equipment industry in a passive situation. To get out of this situation, in addition to technical innovation. In the premise to ensure the stable development of the low-end products, targeted toward the high-end product market, increasing investment in science and technology, independent research and development efforts, grasp the core technology, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology companies, to win the huge potential of the domestic market, so as to get more comprehensive development.
Innovation is the key to break through the bottleneck of the high and low temperature test chamber