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samples can not put into the high and low temperature test c

High low temperature test chamber in the loop test industry is very common, 
but you really use high and low temperature test chamber correctly? 
You know, there are a lot of samples can not be placed in the chamber to do the test, 
At the same time, we have to know the use of high and low temperature test chamber and a lot of precautions.
(1) the high and low temperature test chamber must not be used in the experiment:
1.combustible: yellow phosphorus, phosphorus sulfide, red phosphorus, phosphate, magnesium powder, 
aluminum powder, lime Sodium Bisulfite etc.;
2. flammable acetaldehyde, oxidation of benzene to alkenes, 
carbon disulfide and other light less than -30 DEG C material, ethylene oxide, acetone, benzene, 
methyl ethyl ketone and other light and less than 0 degrees Celsius in the material above -30 degree;
3 explosives: nitroglycol (ethylene glycol two nitrate ester), 
nitroglycerine (glycerol ester, cellulose nitrate Shaw three) and other explosive nitrates.
(2) Something you should pay attention in the test process of the high and low temperature test chamber
During the operation, do not open the door unless necessary. Otherwise it may lead to high temperature gas 
flow out of the box door or the inner side of the outer box remains high, 
causing burns and even high temperature air can trigger the fire alarm, misoperate.