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Maintenance of high and low temperature test chamber sealing

Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co.,Ltd High and low temperature test chamber sealing system adopts double layer heat resistant silicon rubber sealing strip. Its main function is to seal the door of the test case, not let the outside air into the box, do not let the gas escape. However, very few customers know how to maintain the seal of the high temperature test chamber. After investigation, 90% of the high and low temperature test chamber seal failure is caused by the user has not properly maintained. Therefore, once found the door seals are bad means it should be promptly repaired.

(1) Using for many years of high and low temperature test chamber, silicone rubber aging should be replaced in a timely manner the new seal.
(2) if the door seal deformation is slight and surface is not flat, loosen screws magnetic door seal, in a crevice beneath the pad into thin rubber, and then retighten the screws. If the door is closed and the box is not parallel, then adjust the bracket of the fixed box door (or the upper and lower door frame pivot), as far as possible to adjust the box door close and parallel to the box.
(3) It is easy to adsorption of iron or iron alloy powder, the box door is not tightly closed because the door seal has a magnetic door seal, and will cause the door seal wear, found that this phenomenon will be timely and scrap metal powder to wipe with a rag.

Note: when the residual water wiping edge of the plastic door seals, carefully turn the plastic edge, with a clean soft cloth gently wipe, do not break the plastic strip. When the high and low temperature test box are not used for long time, please coat with a little talcum powder in the door seal and store it in dried, ventilated place.
A simple method of inspecting the door seal high low temperature test box tightness: the box door is closed, with a thin strip of paper, vertically inserted into the door seal at any one piece of paper which should not fall freely; the GDW observation window lights open, close the door, check whether there is leakage around the door seal.