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Profile of xenon lamp aging test chamber

       Solar simulated irradiation test chamber is also known as "the sun radiation protection test device". According to the test standards and methods ,it could be divided into three types, air-cooled xenon lamp test chamber, water-cooled xenon lamp test chamber, Bench top xenon lamp. The differences among them are temperature , humidity, accurate range and time etc.. It is necessary equipment the in the aging test.
       The test chamber adopts the artificial light to match with G7 OUTDOOR filter. Through simulating the  natural radiation of the sun, adjust the system light to meet the requirements of the solar simulator matched with IEC61646. Using the system light source to test light aging of solar cell module in IEC61646. Module’s back temperature could be constant between 50 + 10oC during testing. User can automatic monitoring of temperature; configuration of radiometer; control the light irradiance to make the irradiance stable in the specified illumination and control the test time at the same time.
        During the circulation of solar simulated irradiation test chamber, the photochemical reaction is usually not sensitive to the temperature. But the rate of any subsequent reaction is determined by the temperature. The rate of these reactions increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, it is very important to control the temperature of UV exposure. In addition, it is necessary to make the temperature of accelerated ageing test consistent with the maximum temperature of the material directly exposed to the sun. In the solar simulated irradiation test chamber, the ultraviolet exposure temperature can be set at any temperature between 50 degrees C ~80 C according to the illumination and ambient temperature. The ultraviolet exposure temperature is regulated by a sensitive temperature controller and a blower system, so that the temperature of the test chamber is excellent.