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Exports hit record highs Linpin interpretation Made in China

Into located in Linhai Industrial Park of LINPIN production base, one of the busy scene in the workshop, the workers are intense work, a production process, in strict accordance with the rules, methodical progress.
LINPIN create the largest environmental testing equipment and modern production base, specializing in research and production of high temperature chamber, temperature and humidity chamber, salt spray chamber full range of environmental testing equipment, products exported to Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States, non-five continents. "This year, a record high Rings Group."
LINPIN advanced design, manufacture, sales management platform and improve the service system, with superior productivity for enterprises based on innovation and technology for business power users a full range of efficient services, environmental testing equipment in the field of well-known enterprises. The founding of the company, increasing R & D investment, pay close attention to product quality, to seize the opportunities of globalization development, efforts to tap external markets within the environmental test equipment needs, through technical innovation, improve product quality, and establish LENPURE brand effect, the development of cross- border e-commerce, and access to the import and export operation rights, is the first to obtain the right to export environmental testing equipment manufacturers.