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LENPURE settled electricity supplier giant Alibaba booster c

  Recently, Alibaba and LENPURE have successful signed the contract of a high and low temperature test chamber, which become the first environmental testing equipment by Internet companies, LENPURE successfully opened the first cooperative environmental testing equipment with e-commerce.
  Alibaba was founded by Ma Yun in 1999, committed to creating convenient transaction channels for the people in the world. Alibaba becomes one of the world's top five hundred companies in just a few years, and become one of the world's top ten Internet enterprises, also become the leader in the electrical business. International, diversified Alibaba established a leading consumer e-commerce, online payment, B2B online trading market and cloud computing business, in recent years a more positive development in the area of wireless applications, mobile operating systems and Internet TV etc. It not only guide the consumption patterns, also affects economic development, it has become an important role which should not be overlooked by China and the world.
  LENPURE, with a keen sense of smell and excellent vision, catch the e-commerce supplier rapidly, the first successful cooperation with Alibaba, opened a new model of cooperation with Internet companies, set a new record in the environment test industry cooperation, marking the environment test industry successfully enter new B2B areas, become the new beginning of the industry transcendence and representativeness.