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Technology innovation more than Linpin group lead ahead


  Linpin with a keen sense of smell, environmental testing equipment to seize future opportunities in this industry in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, military and other industries and research institutes unmatched strong development momentum, after several years of rapid development, has global distribution, become a ring test first-class equipment manufacturers and environmental testing programs have leading integrated provider.


  Year 2010 - 2013, forest-frequency instrument was twice selected as the Shanghai contract Shou-credit business. Measurement 2011 Shanghai Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision issued a certificate of conformity to confirm. 2012 landing CCTV, become CCTV brand list. 2013 by high-tech enterprises. And the establishment of a strategic partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University. "LENPURE" own-brand products have been identified as "Chinese famous brand." Get nine computer software copyright certificate, 17 national patents, five design patents. Since 2007, forest-frequency instrument has been reelected Chinese ring test market sales of the first, accounting for more than three percent share of the Chinese market ring test. In addition to products in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sales, but also exported to over 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Americas and other regions.
  Technology Innovation indefinitely
  From start to gain a foothold and then strode today, innovation is no doubt the first driving force before the Rings row. Lin Frequency Instrument has been that "the people behind its footsteps and become a production workshop, as another way to control the development of independent innovation initiative." All Linpin everyone Bong innovation as a model. Lift rain Rings Group developed the test apparatus, the high and low temperature heat composite salt spray chamber, the gas-liquid two boxes of thermal shock chamber and low pressure chamber and other products obtained national patents, thermal shock chamber system control software, Box type rain chamber system control software, ozone aging box system control software in computer software copyright certificate.
  R & D achievements of the Rings career development of forest-frequency instrument business through innovation. Rings that future through research and innovation, to create an absolute competitive products, industry competition and then change the rules of the game, leading to further healthy development of the industry.
  Service tree pole
  A product has a good quality of light, there is no good service, they would lose customers. Lin Frequency Instrument clear understanding of this point, since the beginning of entrepreneurship adhering to the "service is only a starting point, with no end," the idea, to build to really sincere improve services, and strive to achieve total customer satisfaction. Early in Rings Group was first established, technological innovation and service was listed as forest-frequency instrument of core competitiveness.
  Customer service evaluation of forest-frequency instrument is: whenever the device fails, as long as a phone, Lin Frequency Instrument service personnel will be the first time arrived, the fault does not rule out, never to leave. In order to better meet customer needs, forest-frequency instrument has offices and service points in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Shenzhen, Nanchang, and other places, has improved sales, after-sales network.
  Efficient-end business model, point to point service system and efficient organizational structure to ensure a diversified, experienced leadership team led by Lin-frequency instrument in this fast-growing industry continue to occupy the leading position.
  Miracle Dragons shaking changes, the situation will be universal tour. Facing the future, forest-frequency instrument will seize development opportunities along the way, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, perfect the spirit of enterprise, hard skills, increase investment in research and product innovation, while expanding the overseas market, with a high sense of responsibility and career, to build the company's core competitiveness, focusing on the customer, science and technology to create a better future.