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LinPin services SINSUN Robot with the times


  With the deepening of the third industrial revolution, artificial intelligence robot era come quietly, China has the world's largest robot market and the largest manufacturing volume, also facing the opportunities and challenges brought by a robot industry, the impact of future disruptive technology, advanced robots are McKinsey listed in Section 5, in this context, the Sinsun  robot and LINPIN signed a cooperation agreement, launched a series of in-depth cooperation on the robot's environment reliability test, the test covers high temperature testing, low temperature test, high and low temperature alternating test, damp heat test.

  LINPIN Group is located in Shanghai Linhai Industrial Area, is the largest environmental testing equipment production base in China, is a high-tech enterprises which is specialized in the environmental test equipment development, production and sales. After years of hard precipitation, LINPIN has become a well-known Chinese brands of environmental testing equipment. It's technical background is temperature test center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, insist on innovation investment, to create differentiated products. Quality, design and performance of Linpin products always get award, the company received 9 computer software copyright certificates, 27 national patents, 5 design patents. The only test company won the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision issued a qualified confirmation certificate. The first company has foreign trade import and export right and CE certification environment test chamber. First environmental testing equipment company landing CCTV, CCTV listed brand.

  The Sinsun company belongs to Chinese Academy if Sciences, is a unique robot technology as the core tech and committed to digital intelligent high-end equipment manufactureof high-tech listed companies. The company's market capitalization of nearly 30 billion to become the largest enterprise in Shenyang City, is one of the most complete product line of robot manufacturers in the world, is also the leader in domestic robotics industry. Sinsun products successfully exported to 13 countries and regions, only one rewritten the history that China can just import but can't export robort to other countries, to meet  all the  requirements of industrial, transportation, energy, livelihood and other key areas of the national economy in robotics technology as the core of high-end smart equipment. During the critical stage  of China's industrial transformation, upgrading and development, Sinsun Comapny is dedicated to providing core equipment support, leading industry intelligent transformation.