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How to choose a good high-temperature test chamber?


  Test is the basis for successful product towards the market, accurate test can promote product development, reduce after-sale problems, has won praise from consumers, potentially establish a good corporate image. Conversely, if the test is not precise enough, product defects are not fully reflected, not only to push the new time delay, and may cause a lot of complications, as many enterprises in the recall of products to the market, not only generate a lot of after-sales questions to the company money and credit terms have caused the immeasurable loss. Thus, the test for how important it is product development, the importance of choice for test equipment can be seen.

  As we all know, high and low temperature test chambers' applications: electronics and electric industry, universities, research institutes, aerospace need to use in order to determine the ability of the product resistant to high temperature, then how to buy high and low temperature test chamber?

  One: well-known brands to buy rest assured that with peace of mind

  Not just on behalf of the brand name companies, culture, carrying more people recognize its products and services, it is an inter-brand and customer buying behavior and mutual accommodation derived product.

  Everyone says the product line he must have a viable place. Lin Frequency Instrument as a well-known brand, the product quality is the material wealth, is responsive to customer requirements.

  Two: Details determine success or failure configuration decisions Quality

  Three: talk better than third-party certification

  LINPIN in play to their creativity, while the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, strict compliance with international and domestic standards, meticulous control of the production line, quality assurance.

  Today LINPIN high and low temperature in line with: GB / T5170.5-2008 damp heat test device method, GB / T10586-2006 heat chamber and technical conditions, GB / T2423.1-2008 Test A low temperature test method, GB / T2423.2- 2008 B High Temperature Test methods Test, GB / T2423.3-2006 Test Ca Damp heat test method, heat test method GB / T2423.4-2008 Test Db alternating, MIL-STD883C method 1004.2 combination of temperature and humidity cycle test and other relevant standards.

  Four: intimate sale order forever

  If quality is the essence of the enterprise, then the service is the company's soul, and the service is the most important service. From installation - Training - Trial - Late Product Nobu - troubleshooting, etc., LINPIN establish a sound service system, fast and efficient to ensure that your greater ease.